Frequently Asked Questions


For Sellers:

How do I get paid for the cards I sell?
There are two different payouts methods for regular sellers (check or PayPal) and one additional payout method available for bulk sellers (ACH). All balances are verified once received and payments are issued within 48 hours of receiving your cards. When selecting PayPal, you will receive funds into your account immediately. Checks typically take 7-10 days to arrive depending on location.

Will I be charged a fee when receiving payment via PayPal? 
Sellers are responsible for all fees associated with PayPal transfers. There are no fees associated with payments via check or ACH transfers.

How long will it take to receive my check? 
Checks typically take 7-10 days to arrive at most locations, however delivery time may vary.

Who covers the shipping costs when I sell my cards?
Sellers are responsible for their own shipping costs unless selling in bulk. We reimburse our bulk sellers up to $6.95 per transaction of $2,500.00 or more in card value. Please contact our bulk selling department to learn more about our shipping reimbursements.

How do I know which retailers' cards are accepted and how much I will get paid for them? 
Our Junkcard Calculator will provide you with a list of retailer's whose cards we accept as well as a quote for how much you will be paid. If you have a card to a retailer who is not listed, we may be able to accept it anyway. In this event you must contact us first with your card's information and await a response before sending it to us.

Are merchandise credits, store credits and return cards accepted?
Yes. We accept merchandise credits, store credts, return cards, etc. as long as they are in the form of a plastic card. These cards are treated the same as gift cards. We do not currently accept eCodes, eGifts, paper receipts, printouts or any other form of gift card that is not plastic.

Are there minimum/maximum balances for the cards I sell, and if so, what are they?
There is no maximum balance for an individual gift card, but we do not accept cards with less than $20.00 remaining. Additionally, sellers must sell a minimum of $50.00 in total card value per transaction.

What if my card has an expiration date?
We only accept plastic cards with no expiration dates or fees. This includes merchandise credits and return cards.

What if I don’t know my card’s balance?
You can very easily find the balance of your card by using our Balance Check website.

Where do I send my cards?
The address to our processing facility is as follows:, INC
P.O. 219
West Sacramento, CA 95691 

What should I do if I couldn’t find my answer on this page?
Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, comments or feedback at any time.


For Buyers:

What is a discounted gift card?
A discounted gift card is exactly what it sounds like. All cards are sold on our site for less than their monetary values to ensure customers are saving money each and every time they purchase a gift card from There are never any fees or expiration dates associated with any of the cards we sell, and shipping is always free.

Who am I buying from when making purchases on
You can always shop worry free when making a purchase on Every card is sold directly from us and never from a third party. The balance and authenticity of each card is verified by us, and all of our transactions are guaranteed and secure.

What is an electronic gift card? 
An electronic gift card, or eCode, is a gift card number and PIN designed for online use. An electronic gift card allows you to shop on a retailer's website without waiting for a physical card in the mail. Most retailers will not accept eCodes for in store purchases, however you must check with the retailer directly. All of our eCodes are discounted!

How long will it take for my eCode to arrive? 
E-mails containing eCodes for electronic gift card orders are normally sent within a few hours of receiving payment, but depending on when the order was placed, it may take up to 48 hours. In most cases you can shop today when selecting electronic delivery!

Can an electronic card be used for an in store purchase?
Electronic cards are designed for online use only.

Can a physical card be used for an online purchase?
Although many physical cards can be used online, some cannot. Please inquire with us to determine if the card you would like to purchase can be used online.

Why do some of the cards for sale have odd balances? (such as $43.79)
There are two reasons why a card may have an odd balance. Either the card was partially used before being listed for resale, or a retailer issued a merchandise credit for a return. Either way, shop with confidence as all purchases are backed by our
satisfaction guarantee.

Are there any expiration dates or fees associated with the cards sold on 
None of the cards sold on our site have expiration dates or fees. will issue a full refund for any purchase in which a card with an expiration date or fee is received.

Will my card display the same design as shown on the product page?
Card designs will vary. The card you receive may not display the same design as shown on the product listing page.

What should I do if I couldn’t find my answer on this page?
Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, comments or feedback at any time.

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