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Let's say Jack receives a $100 Barnes & Noble gift card for his birthday, but reading isn't a hobby of his. Since he has no plans of ever using it, Jack decides to sell the gift card to Although he may only receive $80 for it, he figures that's better than letting it sit in his wallet! will then list the gift card for resale in hopes of finding a buyer. Now let's say that Jessica is an avid reader who is constantly adding to her book collection. She is also a struggling college student who is looking to save money any way she can. While browsing on, Jessica finds the $100 Barnes & Noble gift card which used to be Jack's on sale for $90. Since she was planning on purchasing about $100 worth of books at Barnes & Noble this weekend anyway, Jessica decides to buy the gift card from and save herself $10 off her new books! In the end, both Jack and Jessica were able to get what they wanted. thrives on creating win-win-win situations like this one every day.  

For Sellers:

Selling gift cards on is a simple 1,2,3 process. Gather your gift cards, mail them in, and get paid via check or PayPal. (ACH and Western Union available for bulk sellers). Once all balances are verified, we will issue payment for your gift cards (we recommend adding additonal postage and/or tracking at your own discretion when mailing in many gift cards or gift cards with high remaining balances). We do not accept gift cards with expiration dates or fees. Merchandise/store credits and return cards are also accepted. If you are a bulk seller (selling $2,500.00 or more worth of cards in a single transaction) you must contact us and await a response before sending in your cards. Otherwise, fill out the form on the sell gift cards page and mail your cards to the address provided!


For Buyers:

Yes, it's true. You really can purchase gift cards for less than their values on All of the cards sold on this site are shipped for free, come with no expiration dates or fees and most importantly, they are all sold at a discounted rate; up to 35% off! You can save money on everyday purchases in just about any category when purchasing discounted gift cards from Why pay full price when you dont have to? You can even save money instantly when shopping online by purchasing an electronic gift card. Although we purchase the majority of our gift cards from a third party, you as a consumer can always shop with peace of mind knowing you are buying directly from and never from any other source. We verify the balances and authenticity of all gift cards before listing them in our store for resale to ensure each item is as described. All transactions are backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Have a question about how it works? Please feel free to contact us or visit our FAQs page as it is likely another member has already asked your question.

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